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Residential Insulation Service in Nashville, TN by FoamWorx

Benefits That Spray Foam Insulation Can Provide for Homeowners

Most homeowners want to do all that they can to save money on their energy bills. The term “green building” is no longer just for commercial structures. Nashville foam insulation can do just as much for residential properties as commercial insulation can do for businesses. Here are some of the main reasons why you should consider our energy-efficient insulation for your home.

Energy Efficient Insulation

Energy Efficient Proof - Foamworx in Nashville, TN
Our spray foam can block both water vapor and air leakage, allowing you to heat and cool your home using less energy. In most cases, spray foam can reduce your energy costs by 40 percent. Best of all, our insulation stays in place. There's no settling over time like traditional insulation, which loses its R-value or energy-efficient properties as it starts to sag.

Overall Comfort

Overall Comfort - Foamworx in Nashville, TN
In the same way that spray foam saves on energy, it also provides you with comfort. By creating a barrier between you and the outside world, the quality of your indoor air rises. Your HVAC system typically helps filter pollen, dust mites and mold. However, these contaminants continue to enter your house via air leaks from inadequate insulation. Spray foam allows your HVAC system to filter these air pollutants without them getting back in.

Indoor Quality

Indoor Quality - Foamworx in Nashville, TN
The quality of indoor air isn't the only thing that spray foam improves. It also helps to even out indoor temperatures by eliminating the stuffy, hot places and drafty, cold areas in your home. This helps improve your indoor quality of life.

Sound Quality

Sound Quality - Foamworx in Nashville, TN
Spray foam acts as a great sound barrier. It blocks outside noise from entering your home and can even make indoor sounds more crisp and clear.
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